Linda Ochugbua

Linda Ochugbua is a seasoned marketing and sales professional with over 10 years of working experience. She is currently the head of online and digital sales at BusinessDay Media Limited. West Africa’s leading provider of business intelligence and information on diversified media platforms. Ms. Ochugbua is responsible for a sales portfolio of over 400 million Naira per annum and she manages a team of 5 sales staff to achieve this over $1 million target per annum.  Her experience in B2B sales is complemented by her educational background.  Ms. Ochugbua holds a master’s degree in Management from the University of Surrey and a Bachelor’s Degree in business management.

As the Head of online sales and digital platforms, Ms. Ochugbua is in charge of running and managing the department. She is responsible for the digital expansion at BusinessDay Media which includes reforms and re-designs on the site, increasing the paid subscriber base and much more. As the head of online sales, she is responsible for managing all team members, (online editors, graphic designers, marketers, social media team and app construction team). Ms. Ochugbua is also responsible for creating different marketing strategies to attract and retain an array of customers and is also responsible for creating and selling innovative products and services to the customer base.

Linda is an avid panel speaker having spoken at notable conferences like Social Media Week and other conferences worldwide.