Mission and Vision Statement

Our purposes, goals and values.


    The Pride Lagos Creative Enterprise Week is a practical Creative Enterprise Week where through a series of events, talks, seminars, master classes, workshops and activities; we help creatives in different genres turn their creative ideas into reality. Whatever you envision, be it to launch your freelance career, social enterprise, artistic practice or digital start-up, we help give you the tools to be empowered and to unleash you potential.


    The Pride Lagos Creative Enterprise Week exists to chart pathways that creatives can navigate to enable them get empowered and make a success of their creativity, including earning a reasonable living from it. We also celebrate the success of the creative community.

    We bring together a diverse community of creative thinkers and doers who believe creativity is not just art for art sake, but also the most powerful element for business success.

    We aim to promote world-changing ideas and stimulate the vibrant connection of art and commerce. We create the necessary environment for script writers, writers, bloggers, spoken word artists, film directors and producers, art directors, designers, artists, sculptors, and a whole gamut of creatives to grow and prosper. We create a bridge between recognised creative masters and emerging creatives ensuring that knowledge is shared and passed on to empower and prosper.


    During the Pride Lagos Creative Enterprise Week (PLCEW) delegates will have the opportunity to participate in workshops, master classes and seminars in the various fields helmed by leading professionals and experts. Furthermore, through associations and collaborations, the PLCEW aims to encourage and support the next generation of industry professionals to hone their skills through studies in a variety of different ways.


    The Pride Lagos Creative Enterprise Week (PLCEW) encourages professionals of all levels to expand both their knowledge and their networks. Thus the PLCEW is a platform that brings together some of the industry’s most influential leaders and risk-takers in a unique conference centred on mentorship and discussion. For those looking for inspiration, the PLCEW offers an incredible array of guest speakers from every facet of the industry. Delegates to the conference are encouraged to network and form alliances with the aim to turn peers into partners.

So be a part of this creative project – Envision! Unleash! Be Empowered!