Edwin Ajogun

Edwin Ajogun (fondly called Startup Ed) is a Tech Project Manager, serial entrepreneur and startup mentor. A graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University, he has been involved with five early stage startups – two were while he was still in university – and specializes in priming a startup to be ready for its first investment.

He led the first attempts at the disruption of the healthcare space in Lagos, creating one of the first virtual distribution of pharmaceutical products. He consulted for state and national pharmaceutical associations during this period, solving a three-year problem for pharmacists in Lagos in two months using GIS solutions.

He currently mentors over 12 startups across sectors such as fintech, agriculture and mobility at Passion Incubator where he also leads program design and startup management. He helps identify startups ready for investment and works to ensure that portfolio startups are meeting their target milestones.